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Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
and are they gone for good? so let's get to our mt. who is tracking everything you need to see. doug, what's the word? >> at one point tornado warnings issued north and east of baltimore city. but everything is disapating. we will be in fine shape not only for tonight but for many days in a row. over in clarksville and burton'sville, very heavy rainfall amounts. things are quieting down. when you get up in the morning there will be a whole different weather pattern. 43 to 53, a chilly start. the seven-day outlook that's coming up too in just a minute. >> we'll get back to you in a bit. but first -- >> a student was severely beaten following a maryland victory over duke. but tonight one of the officers is acquitted while the other is convicted on just one charge. richard reeve is outside the prince george's county courthouse. tell us about it >> and alison, long and difficult deliberations for a while. it didn't appear there would be a verdict at all. but one officer found guilty, the other not guilty. >> a relieved and happy john mckena left the prin
Oct 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
are on storm watch tonight. beautiful evening tonight. for some rain coming in less than 24 hours. doug hill joins us now. >> all quiet right now. across the region. this time tomorrow, we can see a of showers. check numbers around the area. hill. oxon winds will increase tomorrow, well ahead of this cold front is kicking up problems from , mississippi, parts of kentucky.ssee, all severe thunderstorms. dozens of tornadoes warnings. it will be breezy and warm. we have a slight chance of severe weather in the area fromd pennsylvania through south carolina. will be tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. send you to bed with cloudy skies. conditions. a nice day during the day. it all could change. that is why we are on storm watch. >> thank you. still to come, d.c. mayor gray says, show me the money. to your money.d trump, a new controversy. >> a man instead after headache by amtrak train. investigators are not sure why s on the tracks. engineers say he was walking the tracks and did not up be -- look up before the train hit him. >> police at the university of are searching for a o stole a student
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
are on storm watch right now. many of you may have heard some thunder out there. let's get right to it. doug hill is standing by. >> it has been kind of right now, in arlington, 63 degrees. a lot of lightning flashes. they have been out there all evening, but slowly moving eastward. th are in frederick county. severe thunderstorm warnings until 11:34 frederick county. that threat is diminishing right now out in washington county. there will be more chances the next few hours for showers and storms. we expect most of them to be garden variety. the rainfall totals are impressive. the good news is, it will taper off overnight. >> we have several developments in the big story we mentioned at the top. the prince george's county police department is in morning to night after losing one of their own. police are talking about the crash and officer kevin bowden. >> we were over the scene where it happened in clinton. we were first on the scene of this crash. >> the accident reconstruction team has wrapped up its work at this intersection. investigators spent hours going over the same piece by piece.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3